On 24/04/17 15:42, Petr Mensik wrote:
> Thank you for accepting that patches. I agree that some garbage is
> far more likely to appear in dhcp-script mode. I would myself welcome
> error log from wrong formatted lease file as well. If I understand it
> well, that file will be overwritten after the first lease created. If
> it contains wrong data, just log an error, but do not terminate.

That seems sensible. Change committed.
> It should not surprise administrator that just disabled IPv6 support.
> Error message would be logged once at startup until the first lease
> is created. Then file will be rewritten without any IPv6 leases,
> because they were skipped during the reading. I would accept one
> error message as notification some leases are gone forever.

> I will have to ask whether failure to start on database corruption is
> considered a problem. It was silently ignoring all problems before.
> Now it fails to start the service completely if any error occurs. I
> think it relied on auto recovery with empty leases in the same way as
> with plain file. I think there should be a way to override default
> behavior. I will check for more opinions and get back with results.

Any news on this?



> Thank you Simon.
> Cheers, Petr

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