On 28/04/17 22:20, Simon Kelley wrote:

That's the bug here, I think. I was worried that a client sending a
DHCPDISCOVER when it thinks it knows that address, might respond to ICMP
pings, but at least for ISC dhclient on Linux, that's not the case.

Patch is here, and was much more trouble than it should have been: the
code really didn't consider this case.


It's still the case that addresses used by statically configured host on
a network should not be in the dhcp-range configured into that network's
DHCP server.

I've just subtly renumbered my own home network to make sure the above condition is true...those hosts manually statically configured are now out of the 'statically allocated' dhcp and true dynamic DHCP ranges :-) Not that I got bitten by this feature 'cos everyone seems to use 192.168.0/1....... and I don't :-)

Simon, is there any chance of a 'test5' bundling all the latest tweaks into a tarball? It's much easier to get the LEDE guys to accept a test release tarball than it is loads of patches....and it means the code would get tested by a wider community.



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