How do your machines get their IPv6 addresses, and specifically, their
changed IPv6 addresses after the prefix changes.?If you're using DHCPv6
with dnsmasq as the server, then something like this is already
available: if you have a dhcp-range line which has the constructor:
keyword, then you can have IPv6 addresses in dhcp-host lines which have
zero network part, and the relevant prefix will be substituted in.



On 05/05/17 15:13, Carsten Spieß wrote:
> Hello ,
> i'm using dnsmasq to deliver IPv6 DNS entries.
> The IPv6 prefix i get dynamicaly from my ISP after dialin (pppoe),
> but this changes on every reconnect (which is at least once a day).
> When the prefix changes every IPv6 host in /etc/hosts 
> dnsmasq.conf files has to be changed to cause dnsmasq to deliver
> the IPv6 address containing the new prefix.
> (I didn't find a posibility to configure dnsmasq to do this
> automatically)
> I would like to suggest to add an "constructor:<interface>" option to 
> --host-record like:
> --host-record=<name>[,<name>....],[<IPv4-address>],[<IPv6-address>][,constructor:<interface>][,<TTL>]
> Where [<IPv6-address>] contains only the host-/local-network part and
> [constructor:<interface>] will add the prefix from <interface>
> e.g.
> --host-record=myhost,,::0123:4567:89ab:cdef,constructor:eth1
> for adding the /64 prefix of eth1
> Regards
> Carsten
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