Hello Simon,

> How do your machines get their IPv6 addresses, and specifically, their
> changed IPv6 addresses after the prefix changes.?
With RA/SLAAC, i have a dibbler client running receiving the prefix via
DHCPv6 and distributing it via RA.
Can dnsmasq be configured to run as DHCPv6 client too?

> If you're using DHCPv6 with dnsmasq as the server, 
At the moment not, i'm using dnsmasq vor DHCPv4 and DNS
I have no DHCPv6 server running (neither dnsmasq or dibbler or
something else)

> then something like this is already available: if you have a dhcp-range line 
> which
> has the constructor: keyword, then you can have IPv6 addresses in
> dhcp-host lines which have zero network part, and the relevant prefix
> will be substituted in.
I've seen this which pointed me to the proposed syntax.

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