Hello Simon,

> You're trying to invent yet another way of solving the "naming IPv6
> hosts" problem, 
yes ;)

> made more difficult by the fact that they change
> addresses as the delegated prefix changes.
> There are a couple of other possibilities.
> 1) If you're using DHCP for IPv4, look at the dnsmasq "ra-names"
> facility, which can make creating DNS entries for RA-allocated
> addresses automatic.
i'll have a look, but:
> 2) Consider giving your hosts ULA addresses as well as addresses with
> the prefix you get from you ISP. If you just want a DNS name that's
> usable from the local net, then that gives you a stable address to
> associate with the DNS name.
That's _the_ good idea (why i didn't have it myself)!
It's like the NATed private IPv4 addresses i use locally.
The delegated prefix is only for outside connections.

That's it, thanks,
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