On 05/26/2017 10:43 AM, Andriy Gapon wrote:

That actually made sense as the DHCP sever could be configured to provide
different information depending on the PXE client.  That's how my environment is
setup: dnsmasq offers a menu of boot options (via pxe-service + pxe-prompt) to a
client that's built into network cards, but provides root-path, etc, to pxeboot.

That may work for some limited use-cases.
But I don't think it's a very good solution, as you can only have one FreeBSD item in your menu that way, and not multiple with different root-paths.

Think a better long term solution would be if some effort was made to add support in iPXE to boot FreeBSD kernels directly without pxeboot, and pass parameters to them, like is possible with Linux kernels.
Can then create a menu using an ipxe script.
iPXE's menu support is a lot more capable then the limited menu functionality offered by normal PXE through dnsmasq.

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