Probably best to reply to the list as well where there are much better experts than me.

On 19/06/17 22:39, Justin Jose wrote:
Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the response. Here are my answers for your questions.

Q. What version of dnsmasq?

[Ans] The dnsmasq version I am using is 2.55.

2.55 is some 7 years old, 2.77 being released 2 weeks or so ago and 2.78 fixing a couple of oversights in that release due 'soon'.

Q. hostname_isequal is used in quite a few places and should never be
passed a null pointer, so in my opinion the fix is a sticking plaster
over the issue and has the potential result of leaving null pointers
hanging around for other functions to fall over anyway.  The root cause
should be found and squished.  Any idea which particular call to
hostname_isequal was involved?

[Ans:] When the crash happened, the call to hostname_isequal is occured from 
forward_query at round line number 500.
            I am not sure the reason for the NULL arguments here.

The first step here has to be to update to a much more recent version of dnsmasq and see if the problem still occurs. Is the error repeatable? If so, that would make testing a lot easier.



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