Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate some help on my issue.
(and I am a total novice at setting up dnsmasq!)

I have a raspberry PI acting as a standalone WiFi Hotspot serving web pages.
I use hostapd, dnsmasq, as per instructions here :-

My dnsmasq.conf is as follows
> interface=wlan0
> listen-address=
> bind-interfaces
> server=
> domain-needed
> bogus-priv
> dhcp-range=,,12h

When I connect from an iOS device, the iOS device is allocated the
following network parameters
> IP: 192.168.1.[20 - 90]
> Broadcast:
> Router:
> DNS:

The Router setting of is a real problem, this stops traffic
not intended for the HotSpot from using the
3G/4G interface.
So in other words, I only want traffic targetted at 192.168.1.X to go to
the WiFi hotspot, all other traffic to go through
the 3G/4G interface.

I can set the iOS network parameters manually, omitting the Router field, eg
> IP:
> Broadcast:
> Router:
> DNS:

The above works perfectly. traffic intended for the hotspot goes to the
hotspot, all else goes through the cellular
3G/4G interface.

I am hoping there is some way to configure this automatically, rather
than manually.
On a previous Raspbian release I used udhcpd, and I was able to undefine
the 'router', and this worked perfectly

Many Thanks in advance

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