On 09/07/2017 09:17, Gareth Howell wrote:
> I have dnsmasq serving IP addresses. I also have domain=agdon.net
> <http://agdon.net/> and a couple of cname= lines
> (see https://pastebin.com/aGLrWa5K for more detail)
> However, if you look at the transcript
> at https://pastebin.com/YdVpx7y1  you will see that dig behaves properly
> but pings behave oddly. The client is a Mac.

"expand-hosts" doesn't apply to CNAME records created with the "cname"
option, which explains the odd behaviour you're seeing --- you'll need
to manually add the FQDN to the record:


This shouldn't be a problem, since dnsmasq will be pushing the domain
search list "agdon.net" via DHCP so your Mac's resolver will look up
dashticz.agdon.net when given dashticz anyway.

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