After reading through the man page several times, reading similar posts and
digging through things on the web:
i have come up with this:


If I am understanding correctly this should apply to the ranges including
the option 82 addresses, or do I need to modify the the Option 82
statements to add the GW?



On Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 1:37 PM, Keith Lyons <> wrote:

> In a recent post I was asking about sending the correct gateway to the
> dhcp client, there were two options presented to me
> do away with the dhcp-option=option-router statement, which I fear will
> render the clients un-pingable or learn how to use tags.
> Since this is a production dhcp server and it is of the upmost priority
> that the clients remain online and reachable I wanted to post what i
> believe to be the solution with tagging to confirm I am heading in the
> correct direction.
> So things to note, we are using dhcp relay on the switch (Juniper gear), I
> am only using one NIC and this is a Virtual Machine hosted on VMWare 6.x
> This is what I think is correct:
> dhcp-range=set:net1,,,,12h
> dhcp-option=net1,3,
> dhcp-range=set:net2,,,,12h
> dhcp-option=net2,3,
> dhcp-range=set:net4,,,,12h
> dhcp-option=net4,3,
> The clients are setup for Option 82, see below: (there are additional
> line's for the 10.192.5.X and 10.192.9.x subnets)
> dhcp-circuitid=set:01_port_01,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/12.0:pack1-5-302
> dhcp-circuitid=set:02_port_02,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/6.0:pack1-5-302
> dhcp-circuitid=set:03_port_03,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/2.0:pack1-5-302
> dhcp-circuitid=set:04_port_04,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/18.0:pack1-5-302
> dhcp-circuitid=set:05_port_05,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/9.0:pack1-5-302
> dhcp-range=net:01_port_01,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/12.
> 0:pack1-5-302,,,
> dhcp-range=net:02_port_02,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/6.
> 0:pack1-5-302,,,
> dhcp-range=net:03_port_03,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/2.
> 0:pack1-5-302,,,
> dhcp-range=net:04_port_04,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/18.
> 0:pack1-5-302,,,
> dhcp-range=net:05_port_05,temp-2b.plant.ldn01:ge-0/0/9.
> 0:pack1-5-302,,,
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Keith
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