On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 09:53:52PM -0700, Anoop Ravi wrote:
> I am using dnsmasq as dns and dhcp server on my device. Somehow 
> dnsmasq is not giving correct dns server address to my clients. 
> Instead it is giving default gateway ip. I have correct dns servers 
> listed in resolv.conf and my dnsmasq.conf is pointing to correct 
> resolv file using "resolv-file" parameter. I am running dnsmasq as 
> below.
> dnsmasq -u nobody -q --dhcp-authoritative -C /var/dnsmasq.conf
> From the logs,I could see that it is reading resolv.conf
> reading /etc/resolv.conf
> using nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx#53
> using nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx#53
> using nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx#53
> While client connects, I can see that dnsmasq offering default 
> gateway address as dns-server ip.
> sent size:   4 option:  6 dns-server  x.x.x.x
> Is there anything wrong in my parameters? why is not giving
> correct dns servers?

Nothing in your post indicates why you think that's incorrect; 
dnsmasq IS a DNS server.  Typically that's what you want, for all 
local DHCP clients to use dnsmasq as DNS server.  The point being: to 
have local name resolution and to have one central cache for external 

Yes, there is an option you can use in dnsmasq.conf to change the
nameserver[s] given to DHCP clients, but why do you want that?  See 
the dnsmasq(8) manual for details.
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