> How is the 'ban-hosts' file updated?  Does it need a SIGHUP to dnsmasq
> (please not another thing hanging off SIGHUP)  Does it need a complete
> restart?
> If 'ban-hosts' can be dynamically updated then I can see some value in it,
> until then it looks like it's a syntax nicety.  Perhaps there's some other
> feature we're all missing... is it faster for example?
> Kevin
There is already --servers-file, which can be reloaded without restarting
dnsmasq (via SIGHUP).

And even if --ban-hosts is added as a syntax nicety, what's the rationale
for not just internally using the same well-tested data structure already
implemented for domains banned via --server?  If that lookup isn't
efficient enough, better to improve it instead of adding a parallel one.
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