Can anyone tell me what the expected behavior is when DHCPv6 is enabled on
an interface with both a GUA and ULA prefix assigned?  In my dnsmasq.conf
file I have this configuration...


br0 has both a GUA from prefix delegation (2601:xxxx) and a manually set
ULA (fd00:xxxx) global address prefixes.

Clients that request a IPv6 address from the DHCP server are being leased
only from the ULA prefix + ::1000-::ffff range and not from the GUA
prefix.  If I configure br0 with only a GUA then the addresses are leased
from the GUA prefix as expected.

Is this the expected behavior when both GUA and ULA prefixes are assigned?
Is it possible to issue leases for two IPv6 addresses from the DHCP server,
one from the GUA prefix other from the ULA prefix?
Is it possible to tell the DHCP server which prefix to assign the IP
address from, the GUA or ULA?
Or maybe this is nothing to do with the server and a client side thing
(MacOS clients)?

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