Thanks for the response Andras

I was unfamiliar with MAC address randomization, but after learning about it and checking the logs over the last week I can see that the MAC address for an iOS client is not being changed.

I have done some more investigation and am more certain this is a dhcp (client?) issue, but I don't see anything indicating that it is a dnsmasq issue. I will explain further what I am seeing from a Wireshark capture on the dnsmasq server.

1. iPhone Client broadcasts a DHCP Discover (source IP, destination IP a. Client MAC address identifies it as the iPhone that has had previous issues connecting.

2. DHCP Server replies to the iPhone Client with a DHCP Offer (source IP, destination IP a. The destination IP, lease time, and other DHCP options correctly match the DHCP configuration

3. The DHCP Discover and DHCP Offer repeat numerous times during a 1-minute period.

4.  The iPhone Client never sends a DHCP Request back to the Server.

5. After approximately 1-minute I can see in the web interface for my wireless access point that the iPhone assigns itself a Link-Local address in the address range.

I have tried assigning a static IP address in dnsmasq for this client based on it's MAC address and it is correctly picked up and used by dnsmasq for the DHCP Offer.

Watching the dhcp log files and the wireless AP web interface, I have seen this iPhone on a few occasions be assigned the correct LAN IP address (can see DHCP Requests and DHCP Acks), however it does not stay longer than a minute or so. In the logs I have also seen the iPhone client give a DHCP Request for an address in the range, and the DHCP Server responds with a DHCP NAK, wrong address. The iPhone user does not know if the address range is their home network.

Also, to be clear the issue occurs with all the iPhones in the office and is not just isolated to this one that I am testing with.

Any other suggestions or ideas. Let me know if there is a better list to send this to, since I don't think the issue is dnsmasq related. Thanks.


On 8/25/2017 2:13 AM, Andras Salamon wrote:

On 2017-08-24 13:47:28 -0700, you wrote:
I have an issue in our office where the iPhones are not able to receive an internet connection through our wireless access point.

Is this perhaps related to MAC address randomization that was introduced
in iOS a while back, interacting badly with the DHCP server?

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