On Mon, 28 Aug 2017, Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant wrote:
> My workaround is to only call memset if the difference between buffer begin
> and buffer limit is bigger than the query length, thus it retains Simon's
> intent of clearing memory most of the time but avoids the SIGSEGV trampling.

Thanks, with your patch dnsmasq doesn't crash anymore when receiving odd 
EDNS packets from dnseval.

And thanks for requesting the CVE - I thought about this too, as the bug 
constitutes some kind of DoS issue, but since nobody else complained, I 
suspected it to be some variation of PEBKAC on my part :)

BOFH excuse #247:

Due to Federal Budget problems we have been forced to cut back on the number of 
users able to access the system at one time. (namely none allowed....)

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