Hello all,

I've noticed what seems to be a bug with the NBP suffix for BIOS clients in 
version 2.77 for dnsmasq, which was working fine in 2.76.

I have not confirmed if the issue occurs within a normal DHCP/PXE environment, 
only for proxyDHCP.

Along with my DHCP server, the following configuration allows proper booting 
for my BIOS and UEFI clients.

pxelinux options 209, 210 have been hardcoded into the NBP files, as I could 
not for the life of me find a way to send these options using the --pxe-service 

209 = /pxeboot/

210 = bios.cfg

210 = efi64.cfg (for syslinux.e64, likewise for syslinux.e32)

Relevant lines within dnsmasq.conf:



pxe-service=x86PC,"Boot BIOS PXE",lpxelinux
pxe-service=IA32_EFI,"Boot UEFI-32bit PXE",syslinux.e32
pxe-service=BC_EFI,"Boot UEFI-BC PXE",syslinux.e64
pxe-service=X86-64_EFI,"Boot UEFI-64bit PXE",syslinux.e64

Using dnsmasq 2.76, the above configuration successfully finds and boots the 
"/pxeboot/lpxelinux.0" NBP file.

Change over to 2.77,  and I see the following within dnsmasq logs:
dnsmasq-tftp[732]: file /pxeboot/lpxelinux not found

Interestingly, if I add the suffix to the config, so that dnsmasq.conf now 
pxe-service=x86PC,"Boot BIOS PXE",lpxelinux.0

I now receive the following within dnsmasq logs:
dnsmasq-tftp[772]: file /pxeboot/lpxelinux.0.0 not found

The simple workaround is to just remove the suffix from the "lpxelinux" file, 
then it all flows normally.
Please disregard me if I am wrong, but this behaviour seems to be the complete 
reverse of what is described on the man page, under "--pxe-service".

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