I'm using dnsmasq 2.75-1ubuntu0.16.04.2 on ubuntu 16.04 and just switched
from a single hostfile to a hostdir and multiple files. I have a git
repository where changes are made and then the modified file is copied over
the one in /etc/dhcp-hostdir. However as soon as cp finishes I see the
inotify firing of as expected, the file I changed is read, and then I get
an error message for every single line in that file such as:

dnsmasq[1266]: duplicate dhcp-host IP address xxxxx at line 4 of

however dnsmasq still continues to work and the new change take effect.

am I doing something wrong? is it "simply" saying that it already has a
definition in memory for those ips? that'd be unfortunate as that file has
a lot of lines and I don't really want my log to be spammed each time with
messages that aren't actually important.

thank you for any info.

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