On 21/09/2017 12:19, Jason Mann wrote:
> I have tried to configure dnsmasq to listen only on 'lan' and 'lan.129'
> (plus the implicit 'lo0') with the following directives:
> interface=lan
> interface=lan.129
> However, after a restart, dnsmasq is still listening on all interfaces (*)

>From the man page:

> -z, --bind-interfaces
>     On systems which support it, dnsmasq binds the wildcard address, even 
> when it is listening on only some interfaces. It then discards requests that 
> it shouldn't reply to. This has the advantage of working even when interfaces 
> come and go and change address. This option forces dnsmasq to really bind 
> only the interfaces it is listening on. About the only time when this is 
> useful is when running another nameserver (or another instance of dnsmasq) on 
> the same machine. Setting this option also enables multiple instances of 
> dnsmasq which provide DHCP service to run in the same machine. 

Try adding "bind-interfaces" to your configuration. (The man page also
describes a "bind-dynamic" option, but this won't work under FreeBSD.)

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