Patch applied, thanks

(and your name is in the git-log, even if it's not in the translation......)



On 17/07/17 18:53, Chris Novakovic wrote:
> On 17/07/2017 18:50, Chris Novakovic wrote:
>> Commit 730c6745 makes a number of fixes to typos, among them the
>> messages reporting that asynchronous logging is unavailable in Solaris
>> and Android in src/dnsmasq.c. This is a gettext-localised string, and
>> the corresponding msgids in each of the translations weren't updated to
>> reflect the typo fixes, breaking these two translations for all
>> localisations.
>> This commit ports the typo fixes to the affected msgids in po/*.po,
>> fixing all translations for these strings.
> I thought it'd be churlish of me to set myself as the Last-Translator
> for each localisation, given that I didn't actually do any translating... :)
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