When working with NetworkManager or some other program to communication
with dnsmasq via dbus, it is hard to detect that which upstream  DNS
servers are using
Though, dnsmasq will log the upstream  DNS servers to syslog, it's
difficult and not reliable.
I've taked a glance at the DBUSAPI but there is no API such as `GetServers`
at http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/docs/DBus-interface,but only two
It's hard on diagnosis(and not only for diagnosis ) without this api.
when I connected with multi LAN/WIFI/VPN connctions,I can't tell which DNS
is actually playing via `nslookup` at my local notebook,because, it's
always  the served by DNSMASQ
Diagnosis could be done via many ways by hand,such as analyse the
log、network sniff tools、or even a memory debug tool, but is just like to
kill a chicken with a nuclear bomb,and could not be done in a
unify/automatic/reliable/simple way
I'm not only talking about NetworkManager, but also other case to query the
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