Feature suggestion: please allow using a tag to conditionally set the tftp-root setting

Why ? not all devices use the dhcp-boot option fully, if at all, so when combined with tftp-root it fails to permit fully specifying the path of the boot file. The result is that we must put all files from such clients in the main tftp-root folder as a work around. This is fine if all file names are unique. This is often not the case in practice when booting differing version of a OS for example.

# Proposed solution example using raspberry pi booting ( this is also a client that does not honor the dhcp-boot option path)
# Set default system tftp-root path for all clients

# One of many possible options to identify a Raspberry PI device
# **** NEW OPTION **** Use a unique tftp-boot for options matching the tags
tftp-root=tag:RASPBERRYPI, /tftpboot/pxes/raspberrypi

# end of example

This would permit such devices to coexist on the same network and still have their boot files isolated to a specific directory for that purpose. Further my understanding of the use of the dhcp-boot related RFCs is that some devices may only honor the basename of the path - if at all. This new option could resolve all such cases. Lastly most other tftp boot projects allow the default root to be conditionally set as with other options as it is highly useful.

PS I do know that there is a MAC or IP option with tftp-root - but still there is no tagging option - so you can not group classes of devices using tests

FYI I love dnsmasq for its integrated simplicity - this is the only issue in mays years of using it that may force me to ultimately give it up. I use it in all of the clusters I support of the University or Waterloo and for imaging computers - it is a great project.

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