Kurt H Maier wrote:
>> Fixed with: find . -type f -name "*.[ch]" -exec sh -c 'for i;do sed 
>> 's/[[:space:]]*$//' "$i">/tmp/.$$ && cat /tmp/.$$ > "$i";done' arg0 {} +
> What is the practical impact of this, besides just making the version
> control database slightly larger?

* colored diff output for lines with trailing whitespace tends to
include inverted blocks.
* going to the end of the line is unpredictable in editors that don't
show inverted trailing whitespace.
* any editors that have a tendency to strip trailing whitespace will
trigger noisy diffs
* anyone rewriting content will tend to get whitespace blame (I did
when I tried to make changes today)
* trying to fit in involves adding absurd amounts of whitespace for blank lines

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