> Start with it.
> Learn that you are compiling sources for UNIX system on a Microsoft
> Windows system.
> Find a UNIX ( Linux / BSD ) system, have clean compile in no time.
> Make the code changes that you want to make on the UNIX system.

The last point is optional, there's no reason to do your editing from
UNIX.  You can use the Visual Studio editor, with all the power of
Intellisense and plugins, and using the "Linux development" option
(requires Visual Studio 2017), have it invoke GNU make through ssh every
time you build.  It even supports remote invocation of gdb so you can use
the Visual Studio debugging GUI to set breakpoints, watch variables, and
step through the code.  (Of course you need the same dnsmasq options as for
running in a local gdb instance, namely to not daemonize or drop root)

Linux development with Visual Studio 2017 works best if you share the
/usr/include directory as well, but you can do pretty well with just
mounting the source code directory.
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