On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 02:31:39PM -0800, Parke wrote:
> Hi,
> Is dnsmasq supposed to listen on UDP port when
> listen-address is specified?

>From the manpage:

-z, --bind-interfaces
    On systems which support it, dnsmasq binds the wildcard address,
even when it is listening on only some interfaces. It then discards
requests that it shouldn't reply to. This has the advantage of working
even when interfaces come and go and change address. This option forces
dnsmasq to really bind only the interfaces it is listening on. About the
only time when this is useful is when running another nameserver (or
another instance of dnsmasq) on the same machine. Setting this option
also enables multiple instances of dnsmasq which provide DHCP service to
run in the same machine. 


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