I'm contemplating a move from bind and isc-dhcpd to dnamasq. 

One of the features of bind that I take advantage of in my domain is
generating sequences of DNS entries using a single line. For example, in my
zone file I have:

$GENERATE 50-70 dyn-${-50}      IN      A       192.168.202.$

This will generate the following DNS entries:

dyn-0.gently.org.uk on address
dyn-1.gently.org.uk on address


dyn-19.gently.org.uk on address
dyn-20.gently.org.uk on address

I realise that dnsmasq has the 'synth-domain' option, but the names
generated by this are a little ugly. Is there any chance an enhancement
could be made to so something similar to the facilities available in bind?



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