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I have a DHCP-router based on dnsmasq with interface eth2 and networks on this interface. There are computers-dhcp-clients on this network which have to get IP based on their MAC-addresses. And if file /etc/dnsmasq.conf doesn't contain line with corresponding MAC (option dhcp-host) then this computer doesn't get an IP via my DHCP-router.


In /etc/dnsmasq.conf:

# Uncomment this to enable the integrated DHCP server, you need
# to supply the range of addresses available for lease and optionally
# a lease time. If you have more than one network, you will need to
# repeat this for each network on which you want to supply DHCP
# service.
# dhcp-range=,,12h

And if I uncomment "# dhcp-range" then I'll have computer-dhcp-client which will get a ip address without corresponding MAC in /etc/dnsmasq.conf.

If I understand you correctly you want only hosts that have a matching mac address to be given an address for a specific subnet (
For that you can use the 'static' keyword:


In case it is not what you want dhcp-host should have the form:


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