On 25/01/18 15:03, Mattias Hellström wrote:
> Hi,
> I have made a patch to disable the A-for-A feature. 
> I believe that the text portions can be made better by an actual DNS expert.
> Given the following quote, and if that trend holds true, there are
> probably no significant A-for-A requests anymore.
> The percentages of A-for-A seen by root servers reported in 2001, 2003,
> and 2008 was 12%–18%, 7.03%, and 2.7%, respectively. The decreasing
> trend continues in our data collected in 2012, where A-for-A only
> contributes 0.4% of the traffic.
> [[ http://cs.northwestern.edu/~ychen/Papers/DNS_ToN15.pdf ]]

How likely is it that this new option will ever be used? Can we even
provide guidance on when it should be set or not set?

My guess is that it will almost never be used, so the extra code for
this will occupy memory in millions of devices for no benefit, and it
will be some small extra support effort forever.

There are no downsides to doing A-for-A, as far as I know. If this
feature is still doing some good, it should be left. If it's obsolete,
it should be entirely removed, that way we gain a small codesize and
support reduction, instead of increasing both.




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