hey folks, I have ipv6 running on my raspberry pi at home. It has 2 interfaces, 
one inside and one outside.
The outside interface gets an ipv6 addr from my isp via dhcp. I have dnsmasq 
running on my pi giving out ipv4 
addresses on the inside interface. I also now want to give out ipv6 addressses 
as well, but I want the 
ipv6 addresses given out on the "inside" to be accessible from outside on the 
internet.. i.e. publicly 
routable addresses.. Im being told this can easily be done with ipv6, and Ive 
done some reasearch and 
configuration, but I cant seem to get it to work.. In my dnsmasq config, I have 

# Construct a valid IPv6 range from reading the address set on the interface.
# The ::1 part refers to the ifid in dhcp6c.conf. Make sure you get this right 
or dnsmasq will get confused.
dhcp-range=tag:eth0,::1d17,constructor:eth0, ra-names, 12h

eth0 is my "inside" interface. 
the :1d17/128 is the tail end of the address that I got from my isp. 
Am I on the right track?


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