On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 09:11:43PM -0000, Andy Hawkins wrote:
> In article <20180208164432.GA97242@wopr>, Kurt H Maier wrote:
> > You should fix the editor; that behavior is dangerous for other reasons,
> > similar to the ones outlined here:
> > http://openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2017/11/27/2
> I take your point. However, given that the facility is available for config
> files, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be extended to other
> directories that contain files that are designed to be modified while
> dnsmasq is running.

I do read that statement as 80% of needed source code already present.
Craft the missing source code into a patch, posted to here
and see what happens.

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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