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           Will Parsons<varro@nodomain.invalid> wrote:
> I know it's fun to come up with a patch to fix a supposed problem with
> a widely-employed piece of software, but stop for a minute and think
> about what you're attempting to "achieve".
> If successful, you will add just another piece of bloat (that is
> subject to error and will have to be tested) to dnsmasq to address a
> problem that is not in fact dnsmasq's, but a misconfiguration problem
> at the *user's* end.

The code already exists in dnsmasq, it just doesn't work properly.

This is the block of code in question (around line 235 in src/inotify.c):

          /* ignore emacs backups and dotfiles */
          if (in->len == 0 ||
              in->name[in->len - 1] == '~' ||
              (in->name[0] == '#' && in->name[in->len - 1] == '#') ||
              in->name[0] == '.')

What it's trying to do, is ignore any file whose last characeter is a '~',
or first and last characters are '#', or first character is '.'.

However, it's incorrectly using 'in->len', assuming this indicates the
length of the file name. However, it actually indicates the length of the
*buffer* containing the file name (which appears to be being allocated in
something like 16 byte chunks).

The patch is simply replacing 'in->len - 1' with 'strlen(in->name) - 1' (on
two lines) to correctly get the last character from the name, so it's hardly
adding 'bloat', it's merely fixing functionality that has already been
attempted but implemented incorrectly.


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