Good morning,

i would like to ask how to configure dnsmasq (DHCP options) to tell the client 
not to use this network for accessing Internet.

My server is listening on bluetooth interface; mobile phone connects to the 
server and establishes networking over bluetooth. Server is serving DHCP to 
assign the mobile phone address for communicating with the server. This 
networking-over-bluetooth connection shall be only used for communication 
between those two. The server is offline anyway.

My problem is, that once the mobile phone connects to my server, it sometimes 
attempts to use the bluetooth connection to access Internet, instead of using 
mobile networks (4G). Often web browsers fail to show webpages (DNS probe no 

I tried to fix this issue with following parameters to dnsmasq:

--dhcp-option=3 --dhcp-option=6 --dhcp-option=33,<serverIP>,<serverIP> 
--dhcp-option-force=121, <serverIP>/24, <serverIP>

However it does not really help.

The problem is complicated, because it must work for "all" types of mobile 
phones (Android and iPhone) and they are difficult to debug.

Thanks much for any advices!

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