In article <slrnp8bfuo.vn.a...@xcp-mailnews.gently.org.uk>,
           Andy Hawkins<a...@gently.org.uk> wrote:
> I'll take a look at your version of the code in git and see how it looks
> compared to mine.

Ok, things are a bit clearer after looking at the actual commit.

My only comment (and it's a fairly personal one) is that I generally dislike
seeing variable assignments inside if statements. However, I can see the
reason for doing it in this case, as if you carried out the strlen outside
the 'if', then you'd need to put that in an 'if' of its own, checking that
in->len wasn't zero.

Thanks for including the fix however, appreciated. What are the chances of
this ending up in a package in the current debian stable?

Thanks again


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