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           Simon Kelley<si...@thekelleys.org.uk> wrote:
> My second example gives exactly that. To clarify, the serial numbers in
> the names correspond to the addresses in the range supplied. If you use
> a subnet to specify the range, for instance, then yes
> dyn-1 will be, but if you use start,end to specify the
> range, then the start address becomes dyn-1, so for
>  --synth-domain=gently.org.uk,,,dyn-*
> is dyn-1

Ah, apologies, I hadn't realised that. In that case then, this sounds
perfect to meet my needs.

> (or maybe dyn-0. Do we want this one-based or zero-based? Having a
> choice is NOT an option)

I think I'd want dyn-1 personally, but don't feel particularly strongly
about it either way to be honest.



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