Hi All,         I would like to know the behavior of dnsmasq in the following 

PC --- Dnsmasq-as-Forwarder-------- |------ DNS-Server1 { abc.123.com ----, abc.123.com ----}                                              
               |                                                             |  
|--------DNS-Server-2  { abc.123.com ----, abc.123.com ----}
When PC sends the query for abc.123.com, Dnsmasq forwards queries to both 
DNS-servers. Both servers sends the reply.PC  receives only one reply with 
answer from either DNS-Server1 or DNS-Server2.  it is expected as per design. 

I was expecting the dnsmasq-forwarder  to cache the replies/answers from both 
servers( Server1's reply {abc.123.com ----,} Server2's reply 
{abc.123.com ----,} .

When i checked the cache of dnsmasq-forwarder, it only caches the first reply 
from either DNS-Server1 or DNS-Server2, NOT both. 
So wondering, how to do the RoudRobin Load balancing among four 
servers( which serves abc.123.com. 
 i checked the code. Looks like " the after  processing first reply, the frec 
is freed, so dnsmasq can't cache the entries."
Could you explain? 

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