On 28/02/18 09:40, Dominik Derigs, DL6ER wrote:
> Dear all,
> on the dnsmasq man page, I found the following:
> *--neg-ttl=<time>*
>     Negative replies from upstream servers normally contain time-to-live
>     information in SOA records which dnsmasq uses for caching. If the
>     replies from upstream servers omit this information, dnsmasq does
>     not cache the reply. This option gives a default value for
>     time-to-live (in seconds) which dnsmasq uses to cache negative
>     replies even in the absence of an SOA record. 
> However, when specifying a local record using, e.g.,
> "server=/nxdomaintest.com/" and querying this domain from dnsmasq, it
> seems like the clients aren't getting a TTL value with this A/AAAA query.
> Is it possible to have dnsmasq sending out a TTL for locally defined
> Best regards,
> Dominik

Tricky to do. To provide the TTL information, dnsmasq would have to
include an SOA record in the NXDOMAIN reply. That contains lots of
information which dnsmasq doesn't have access to, and which it can't
easily fake.



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