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           Lindgren Fredrik<fredrik.lindg...@tieto.com> wrote:
> What I did to test this was to add "option:router," to a new opti=
> on file.
> Which is re-read by dnsmasq
> I start a dhclient that I'm testing with, output in console of dnsmasq indi=
> cate that router entry is part of response (also seen in dhcpdump of packag=
> e)
> I stop the dhclient and remove the config file with this option and send SI=
> GHUP to pid for dnsmasq
> Then start the dhclient again and still see the router entry being sent.

When you say "still see the router entry being sent" are you just checking
the resulting IP configuration on the client, or are you actually capturing
the DHCP response with Wireshark or similar?

If you haven't captured the actual response on the wire, that'd be my next
step to see if it's the client that's somehow remembering the information.


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