I have dug a little more and I can't think of this behaviour to be nothing else than a bug.

I have made a simple config now to reproduce the bug:

Start server with this command:

dnsmasq -p 1153 --synth-domain=hartmark.se,2001:db8::/64,dynamic- --auth-server=ns1.hartmark.se, --auth-zone=hartmark.se,,2001:db8::/64 --auth-soa=,hostmaster.hartmark.se,1200,180,1209600 --ho
st-record=foo.hartmark.se,2001:db8::f00 -d --bind-dynamic

Replace with your local ip.

Run these dig:s

1. dig -p 1153 -x 2001:db8::f00

2. dig -p 1153 -x 2001:db8::f00 @

3. dig -p 1153 -x 2001:db8::d00

4. dig -p 1153 -x 2001:db8::d00 @

dig 1 and 2 both return foo.hartmark.se as response. 1 is using localhost ( or ::1) and that is not part of neither auth-server and auth-zone

dig 3 returns dynamic-2001-db8--d00.hartmark.se

dig 4 returns NXDOMAIN

Have I misunderstood something?? From my understanding it seems dnsmasq doesn't check synth-domain when responding on requests where dnsmasq is authoritative.

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