On 2018-03-15 17:14, Simon Kelley wrote:
Is it a bug if it fulfils the specification? :-)
The section of the man page on AUTHORITATIVE CONFIGURATION lists all the
sources of data for an auth zone, and it doesn't include synth-domain.
So there's no bug :)

The main reason that synth-domain is not included is that it makes doing
domain-transfer difficult. That sends every record in the domain to a
secondary server, and synth-domain  would rapdily balloon into a LOT of
records (especially in IPv6-land).



I see. It seems to have missed that part in the documentation. Didn't think of domain-transfers, but I guess you're right that it won't be possible to have IPv6 and synth-domain transferred.

So I agree it's not a bug ;)

I guess I have to live with that the reverse-dns name will be unknown when doing for example a "last -da" on a remote system that you have connected to.

One option would be to allow reverse lookups to get the synth-domain name but that it won't be forward-lookup:able, so we won't get the issue with having hostnames that we can't zone-transfer.

When connecting to my local server from my phone I always get this reverse-hostname for my IPv6-address on cell network. "m-ipv6.cust.tele2.se", so I guess it's "allowed" for a ip to resolve to a hostname and have that hostname resolve to NXDOMAIN

But then again I won't loose any sleep over this because my IPv6-addresses resolve properly locally on my network because queries from LAN gets the non-authoritative response.

Keep up the good work!


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