Thanks for this.

I've done the following:

1) changed option to dhcp-rapid-commit, for consistency.
2) heavily re-formatted the code, to suit my tastes.
3) Added man page entry.
4) Added logging of the reason a rapid-commit DHCPDISCOVER is ignored.

and committed the changes.

Any new bugs are mine, but please check that I didn't break anything.;a=commit;h=734d53176f571d9c0023f0de8791d223b7766f6b



On 22/03/18 20:29, Ashram Method wrote:
> RFC 4039 defines DHCPv4 Rapid Commit option, which allows for obtaining
> an IP address and configuration information using a 2-message exchange.
> This is particularly useful for mobile clients to quickly establish IP
> connectivity when changing network, e.g. from cellular to home WiFi.
> If the DHCP client indicates Rapid Commit support in DHCPDISCOVER, the
> server can respond directly with DHCPACK. Rapid Commit should only be
> enabled on the server if it is the only server for the subnet, or if
> multiple servers are present they each commit a binding for all clients.
> The patch below was tested against dhcpcd client with Rapid Commit enabled.

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