On 24.04.2018 01:07, Simon Kelley wrote:
Where does the DBUS raise a fatal error if support is missing? I
couldn't find anything in the code.
Ok, I only searched in src/option.c

General questions:
- Is there any reason to not use the `enum` for definition lists like
No strong ones, just habit I guess.

Can this be refactored to simplify the code?

- Is it planed to make the indentation consistent? Like only tabs or
only spaces.

I edit using emacs, and never see a problem. A massive edit would
generate a huge number of spurious changes in the git repository. I use
"git blame" quite often and don't want to find that it tells me half the
lines were last changed in the great re-tab.

Is there any advantage to doing it?

I always had to duplicate a line to have equal spaces/tabs. Indentation looks weird when your editor does not know the width of a tab.
I would like to see a small style guide that has rules and examples for:

- identation (tabs or spaces)
- where to but curly braces (same line, next line? next line with indentation?)
- adding whitespace after if/else/... and where else?
- never add ending whitspace to the end of the line

This makes the code much more readable for someone who does not have a well configured editor.

Julian Kornberger

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