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If you're referring to the ability to limit particular DHCP ranges to
particular interfaces, the information's all in there (albeit admittedly
in pieces):

The tag system works as follows: For each DHCP request, dnsmasq collects a set of valid tags from active 
configuration lines which include set:<tag>, including one from the dhcp-range used to allocate the address, 
one from any matching dhcp-host (and "known" or "known-othernet" if a dhcp-host matches) The 
tag "bootp" is set for BOOTP requests, and a tag whose name is the name of the interface on which the 
request arrived is also set.


        The optional set:<tag> sets an alphanumeric label which marks this 
network so that dhcp options may be specified on a per-network basis. When it is 
prefixed with 'tag:' instead, then its meaning changes from setting a tag to matching 
it. Only one tag may be set, but more than one tag may be matched.

So it should be


Or is it


? If I omit the "tag:" and "set:", which one is it?

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