Hoping for some help/insight it my attempting to setup IPV6 DHCP; I must
not seem to be able to input the right search terms, because I keep
going around in circles.

My Setup:

ISP <> Modem <> Router <> home network

DNS/DHCP on an RPi3 (DNSMASQ/Pi-hole, behind the router).

V4 DHCP from the RPi works flawlessly.

My router is pulling V6 from the ISP via DHCP-PD, and I can't fine-tune
the routers' RA to only send out route info, and if I disable the RA
from the router, no IPV6 at all (ifconfig/ipconfig only shows link-local
addresses), no matter what I try with DNSMASQ.

IPV6 pass-through on the router has the same result.

Here is what I have from .conf files (all from pi-hole interface):


I changed the ra-param in an attempt to bypass the routers' RA.

Option6 is working as expected.

Any ideas, or am I just looking at a pipe dream (wanting host names in
the pi-hole query log, instead of IPV6 addresses).

Thank you,

Merell Matlock
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