That's large enough to need TCP.

What I'd expect top happen is that the upstream server returns an answer
with the truncated bit setin the header. This answer gets returned by
dnsmasq to the original requestor. The original requestor makes a TCP
connection to dnsmasq and re-sends the query. Dnsmasq makes a TCP
connection upstream and send the query, and gets the result. It then
send the result back down the TCP connection to the original requestor.

Anything blocking or distrupting TCP connections on port 53 is suspect.
An non-responsive upstream server will cause delays whilst the
connection times out.

Try running the query direct to the upstream servers using dig +vc



On 07/05/18 13:57, Harish Shetty wrote:
> Hi All
> I  am facing some issue with dnsmasq. Currently I am using dnsmasq-2.48
> ,  I am using this as my forwarder and caching sever. But my problem is,
> when i query for a high payload SRV record  (answer size is about 3500
> bytes) response time some times crosses 4000ms, and intermittently timeout.
> I have tried enabling the logquries, but it didnt give much information
> to me,  Any suggestion on the debugging or more details will be helpful
> Regards
> Harish Shetty
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