On 05/08/2018 05:16 PM, Dominik wrote:
Hey Simon,

removing the upper limit will not change anything except for the few
users that have set this value manually to a very large number. However,
if they did so they were surely not expecting that dnsmasq could just
ignore their setting.


----->8 snip /etc/dnsmasq.conf 8<-----
# Configuration file for dnsmasq.
#Dnsmasq version 2.59  Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Simon Kelley
#Compile time options no-IPv6 GNU-getopt no-DBus no-i18n DHCP TFTP no-conntrack no-IDN
# Make the cache large enough to be useful
----->8 snip /etc/dnsmasq.conf 8<-----

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