On 05/11/2018 07:08 AM, Pan, Peter wrote:
failed to create listening socket for Cannot assign requested 
FAILED to start up
Failed to start dnsmasq - A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server

My dnsmasq.conf:


why are you trying to assign these addresses to your dnsmasq? from your hosts file, they appear to belong to other systems...

unless i'm mistaken, this line is the list of addresses on this box that will listen for connections... in other words, addresses belonging to this box...

to explain the line further, if you have five addresses on this box, you can limit it responding to only three of those addresses if you want...

what is the local 192.168.178 address for this box? that is the address you would list along with localhost...

My hosts file:       localhost       RASPBERRY-PI-SERVER   fritz.box.luna.lan fritz.box               ## Router FRITZ!Box 
7430  e1-pc.luna.lan e1-pc                   ## Laptop E1-PC  e2-pc.luna.lan e2-pc                   ## Laptop E2-PC  erik-galaxay-a5-2017.luna.lan erik-galaxy-a5-2017     ## Smartphone Erik

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