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> On 06/04/2018 07:36 AM, Oliver Freyermuth wrote:
>> Right now, I only know one could:
>> - Stop dnsmasq.
>> - Purge the lease from the leases-file.
>> - Restart dnsmasq.
> i think the process is:
>   rewrite the leases file as needed
>   HUP dnsmasq
> but i'm not positive... if not HUB, maybe one of the other signals... if none 
> of them, then something with DBUS...

I think this works for some separate files specified explicitly, e.g. 
but the lease file is not reloaded on SIGHUP, but kept in memory and flushed 
from time to time... 
That's also what the manpage suggests in the "NOTES" section. 

I'm not sure if leases are destroyed when the corresponding entry in 
dhcp-hostsfile is removed and SIGHUP is sent. This might be a possibility,
but I would not expect that this destroys a still-valid lease. 

But indeed I find "RemoveDhcpLease" in:

This would certainly be a possibility :-). 


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