Hello guys,

I have Raspberry Pi 3 with minimal raspbian image based on jessie and I use it as access point. I did that using this tutorial:


The thing is that I made / read-only to prevent any possible corruption caused by power loss. Now the problem of course is that dnsmasq fails to open the lease file for writing and I get the following error:

dnsmasq: cannot open or create lease file /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases: read-only file system

Note that in my case, I do not care if I get another IP next time I connect - it's not important at all.

Now as I see it, I have several options:

 * disable somehow leasing so that dnsmasq doesn't fail on startup
 * Persuade dnsmasq to search for the lease file elsewhere (I still
   have rw home)
 * Mount the file somehow to RAM disk

What would be the best solution and how to do it? Any ideas? And yeah, I am a Linux noob...


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