Sorry for being insistent here

I just need to confirm that:

1) The regex feature is not available in the official releases, so the only
way to enable it is by applying the patch mentioned in my previous message
2) It is safe to apply the patch on version 2.62 and use it in production


On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Thiago Alves <>

> Hello,
> I need to use the address regex feature in my prod k8s cluster:
> 2012q1/005615.html
> I need to catch all DNS entries in a format like "^[a-zA-Z\.]+\.com\.
> [a-zA-Z\.]+\.cluster\.local$"
> However I see it is not merged to the master branch. This means that I
> will have apply the patch to version 2.62 (it is not compatible with the
> latest version), recompile it and create a custom docker image to be used
> by kube-dns.
> Is my understanding correct? Or is there a better way of achieving this
> goal
> Thanks

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