Because the DHCP "name-server" attribute (option 6) carries only an IP
address and not a port, this isn't going to work.  The DHCP clients simply
aren't written to configure DNS on any port other than 53.

Now, if your intent is for DHCP clients to use a different DNS server on
the same host, one that is listening on port 53, all you need to do is to
add the following line to your configuration (dnsmasq treats as a
placeholder for "its own address")


On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 8:39 AM, Gordon Hsiao <> wrote:

> If in my dnsmasq.conf I used a different port other than 53 for dns,
> dnsmasq never assigns DNS server to my dhcp clients, is this a feature or a
> bug? for port 53 everything works as expected, of course.
> Thanks,
> Gordon
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