One of our users ran into an interesting issue.   

They have IP phones that explicitly request options 66 and 67 as part of their 
DHCP Parameter Request List of the DISCOVER/REQUEST, but still expect the 
resultant OFFER/ACK to return those values in the “sname” and “file” fields 
(within the “bootp” portion of the packet), rather than as DHCP Options.   (I 
guess they don’t care if the response also contains them as Options, but they 
definitely only look for these values in the sname and file fields).

Dnsmasq seems to behave differently: if the client asks for 66 or 67, they 
always get them back as DHCP Options (and sname and file are left empty); if 
they don’t ask (but the server is configured for these options), then dnsmasq 
stuffs them into the “sname” and “file” fields.   (Other vendors they use, 
however - like Cisco Meraki and Aricent - seem to behave the way I described in 
the previous paragraph.)

Is this a deliberate choice?   Is there any way to get dnsmasq to do what these 
IP phones seem to expect (i.e. always stuff options 66 and 67 into sname and 
file, regardless of whether they are asked for as DHCP options)? 

Thanks in advance!

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